Milk refrigerator pudding powder with hazelnut cream

You know those days when laziness strikes, but you’re not getting enough to eat a dessert?

We have the perfect recipe that could not be easier: Milk refrigerator pudding powder with hazelnut cream.

The refrigerator pudding relies on the texture of the traditional milk pudding, but without needing that time in the oven.

In addition, the combination of powdered milk with hazelnut cream has already become a classic and pleases everyone! Got your mouth watering? Then come with us to learn how to prepare this delicious!

Milk refrigerator pudding

Ingredients of Milk refrigerator pudding powder with hazelnut cream:

  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • 1 box of cream
  • 1 can of milk (use the can of condensed milk as a measure)
  • 1 cup (American) milk powder
  • 5 tablespoons cold water
  • 5 spoons (soup) well filled with sugar
  • 1 package of colorless gelatin without flavor
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Cake Top

  • 1/3 cup teaspoon hazelnut cream
  • 1 box of cream

Method of preparation

In a small saucepan, place the spoons of cold water and add the colorless gelatin without flavor.

Mix well and leave to hydrate for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, beat the condensed milk, cream, milk, powdered milk, sugar, and vanilla extract in the blender. Reserve.

Bring the saucepan with the hydrated gelatin over low heat, stirring well, until it has dissolved completely, but without boiling.

Add the dissolved gelatin to the contents of the blender and beat for 3 minutes.

Pour the pudding into a central bore shape greased with a little oil.

Take to the refrigerator for 4 hours to sign.

After that time, prepare the coverage.

For this, heat the cream and mix the hazelnut cream until obtaining a homogeneous consistency. Reserve to cool.

Carefully undo the pudding and pour the syrup over.


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